Compiling & Installing SC68 3.0

SC68 is an open source Atari ST and Amiga music player.

During the Chiptune Jukebox project I needed to compile and install this software in order for my script to send the audio data to the YM2149 IC.
I came across a whole host of issues with the main one being that I couldn’t find the right version that would recognise the flags I had in my script. (“-qqqn“) I needed these flags for the whole thing to work properly and I KNEW there was a version out there somewhere that worked with it. That version would be version 3.

So, although these are the steps I took on my Orange Pi Zero, it will most likely be the same for most Linux systems.

Getting the correct files

Make sure you have the dependencies installed:
sudo apt install subversion build-essential autoconf libtool automake pkg-config libao-dev zlib-dev libcurl-dev
Update Note: In newer versions of Linux you may need to replace zlib-dev libcurl-dev with zlib1g-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev.
Go somewhere you can store files easily, like your home folder.

cd ~

Checkout the code from Sourceforge.

svn checkout sc68

Change directory to the one just downloaded.

cd sc68




Once done, you can now run


If all is well, run


It may take a little while but once done, if there are no errors run:

sudo make install

Library files

If the result of running sc68 is an error about library locations, as it was for me, then simply do the following:

sudo cp /usr/local/lib/lib* /usr/lib/

Then try sc68 again. You should get:

sc68: missing input file. Try --help.

In which case, it’s all done and should work for whatever you need it for!