Nerdy Nights NES Programming Tutorial

Nerdy Nights is a tutorial series to help people write games for the NES. It introduces the concepts in a user-friendly way, and for years has been the go-to solution for many people to learn NES programming. It was originally written by Brian Parker (aka BunnyBoy), with some additional audio tutorials written by MetalSlime.

I don’t take credit for the tutorials themselves, all I have done is created a single PDF which is an adaption of content created and curated that together forms the Nerdy Nights tutorial series for the NES from Christopher Parker’s awesome website version.

I wanted to have it all in one easy to read place and so I have made it available for download in this post and in the downloads section of this site. It is also available on Christopher’s website.

Original Tutorials By: Brian Parker / bunnyboy
Curated By: Christopher Parker /
Curation URL:

Nerdy Nights NES Tutorials v1.0 (0 downloads)

NES Controller Image by Sharan Vijayagopal from Pixabay