LCD Smartie MAME Plugin

mameName (for LCD Smartie) v1.2

Displays the name of the current running game ROM in MAME on any LCD Smartie compatible screen.


  • Now auto detects 32/64 bit
  • Compatible with MAMEUIFX32/64 & ARCADE32/64


  • LCD Smartie (>= 5.3 beta 3)
  • MAME 32 or 64 bit (for Windows) (Or MAMEUIFX/ARCADE)


Unzip the download file below into the “plugins” directory of LCD Smartie and then…
$dll(mameName,1,[hideLongName (0/1)],0)

  • The first parameter is always 1, the last is always 0.
  • hideLongName” will show the full name when set to anything other than 1 and attempt to show the game name only when set to 1. (1 is the recommended setting.)

Say we are playing the rom titled “Galaxian (Namco set 1) [galaxian]“.

Here’s how it would look with different settings:
LCD: “Galaxian (Namco set 1) [galaxian]

LCD: “Galaxian

Also compatible with MAMEUIFX

Something you’re interested in for your own Mame LCD Smartie project?


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