PANDACHIP328 – Serial Programmable ATMega328 Board

The PANDACHIP328 is an Arduino compatible serial programming board that I created for programming ATMega328 chips for various projects.

The USB on the board is only for power and not for data transfer but if I were to make a version 2 it would definitely use USB for data programming instead of just the power. At the moment the data is programmed through the 5 pin header on the right side of the board using the TXD, RXD, 5V, DTR (Reset) and GND pins of the ATMega328 chip. On the V1 there is also an issue with a capacitor that shouldn’t be there, totally my fault but it doesn’t really affect anything so it’s not too drastic of an issue.

If you would like one of these boards please contact me on the contact page.
(Does not include components but does include a parts list and instruction guide.)

No longer available.

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