LCD Smartie MAME Plugin

Whilst playing about with MAME I came across my old HD44780 LCD and thought it would be an awesome idea to have it display the name of the current MAME game as well as some system statistics.

The system statistic were an easy to reach goal but a MAME plugin was nowhere to be found. In the end I wrote one myself that gets the name of the current game from the MAME window title.

MAME open with no game running.

mameName (for LCD Smartie) v1.2

Displays the name of the current running game ROM in MAME on any LCD Smartie compatible screen.


  • Now auto detects 32/64 bit
  • Compatible with MAMEUIFX32/64 & ARCADE32/64


  • LCD Smartie (>= 5.3 beta 3)
  • MAME 32 or 64 bit (for Windows) (Or MAMEUIFX/ARCADE)


Unzip the download file below into the “plugins” directory of LCD Smartie and then…

$dll(mameName,1,[hideLongName (0/1)],0)

  • The first parameter is always 1, the last is always 0.
  • hideLongName” will show the full name when set to anything other than 1 and attempt to show the game name only when set to 1. (1 is the recommended setting.)

Say we are playing the rom titled “Galaxian (Namco set 1) [galaxian]“.

Here’s how it would look with different settings:


LCD: “Galaxian (Namco set 1) [galaxian]



LCD: “Galaxian

Now also compatible with MAMEUIFX

Something you’re interested in for your own Mame LCD Smartie project?


mameName v1.2 (101 downloads)

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